Eating Coatimundi.

I’m thinking if raccoons are edible this thing must be. Thinking braising for tenderness and to kill any parasites might be the way to go.
They are edible, meat can be a little tough so I slow cook it.

When I cook it I debone it and slow cooked it over night like a roast with potatoes, carrots, 1 dark beer, 4 cups of beef stock (or more depending quantity of meat and size of slow cooker), 2 dried and seeded guajillo chiles, 1 tablespoon of minced garlic, 1 whole onion and 3 celery sticks. Came out really good.

Stay safe
@squeeeeze any in your area


Yes they are out here. As mentioned, it is primarily an elevation range and usually really thick areas like down by rivers, thick mesquites, cave type areas. Whenever we’ve seen them it’s just completely a random opportunity. I’ve never heard of eating them though. Interesting..... we eat Javelina so can’t be that much worse I guess lol.

Then again I never heard of eating bobcat before and then we did. Which was delicious believe it or not.

I’ve got 2 in the freezer now I need to take down and get mounted.
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Ok so first me and shooter7 acquired a coati. Now we are cooking the coati. Trying to make gumbo with it. It’s tough. It’s been on the stove simmering for like 3 hours and it’s finally starting to soften up. There is a fair bit of meat on them. It looks and smells just like a squirrel.