Eating Coatimundi.

It’s delicious. Highly recommend coati and Corsican sheep gumbo. (Think gumbo is southern code talk for eat whatever random critters you just drug through the door)
Gumbo like that, I think your right, you could probably throw skunk meat in there and have it be delicious!! Ha ha looks fantastic, makin me hungry!
Some people here in the east keep them for pets. The Taxidermy shop I worked in years ago had a roadside minagrie and Earnie bought and sold Coatimundi as pets. Was on a National Forest patrol one night and seen a critter with red eyes in the road. It was a Cotimundi, I got a bunch of calls of a Wolverine being seen in Black Mountain area. Should have shot it and made Gumbo, Dang I could have ate the problem.
I had a report of a truck rolling on Richwood to Marlington road. Got calls on several animals including a Big Black Cat. I like coon, Skin it twice, First time remove the hide, The 2nd time remove the fat. Really good if shot out of a corn field.