Early rifle Mule deer BP hunt. equipment?

My buddy has a tent, tipi style and stove. i'll check with him on other gear.
Food. I'm not a big fan of the pre-packaged and processed mountain food so will probably make my own meals. Planning on lots of rice and oats for energy and jerky and dehydrated meat for protein. as well as Cliff bars.

Sleeping bags, down or synthetic?
What temp range would you go with? I was thinking go lighter on temp and wear clothes when sleeping or is that foolish? i can certainly buy a 0-15 degree bag, it just packs slightly heavier.
I've found a light synthetic bag + Merino bag liner to be a comfortable, versatile and packable combination I use a lot summer and fall.

Thanks for your contributions to the forum Jim, I've picked up some good tips from you and am happy to share some of my own!
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Sleeping bags, down or synthetic?
What temp range would you go with?

My bias these days is more toward a light synthetic, though I still have down bags too. Keep in mind that the temperature rating on sleeping bags should be thought of a the "survivable" temperature. The comfortable temperature is about 15-20 degrees warmer, depending on personal preferences.
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