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Dec 11, 2007
Looking to make a back pack hunt with my son out west for mule deer. Diy, public land. What state has otc tags with a reasonable chance for sucess or which state,area would you apply for with a reasonable chance of drawing in 2 years. Not looking for trophy mule deer per se. Just a good chance of working hard for a decent mulie and spending quality time in the mountains.
Draw hunts
Region H in Wyoming.

47 or 471 in Colorado

39 in Idaho

Washington has an early high country hunt. You would have a good chance at a bear on this hunt also.

I assumed you were looking at rifle hunts. If you are willing to go archery or muzzy there are a lot of options.
Most units in NM will have some deer hunting available. No points or other crap to screw with. Just pick whatever kind of terrain you like and apply.
Unit 70 in idaho.....big mountains between cities...keeps deer herds growing and big bucks....first time draws aren't unheard of....
Lots of snow and freezing temps this year....might be really bad on deer numbers.....
Washington has some pretty good options. I would recommend the high hunt, 15-25 SEP within the wilderness boundaries. Particularly the Pasayten Wilderness. Non-resident OTC deer tags $435ish.
Eastern MT could offer what you’re looking for.

I looked into Montana years ago for a high country backpack muley hunt. Most of the info I came across pointed to the western side. If you don't mind I'm curious which mountain range in eastern Montana would be good for a high country backpack muley hunt? If you would rather not say or say in a PM that is fine also.
Here are a couple high country bucks I was lucky enough to take.
My buck.jpg
My Muzzy buck.jpg
I saw your reply and thought I missed something in the original post. Lol

Couldn’t agree more regarding high country hunts.
New Mexico has some great mule deer hunting… I have a draw rate of one every four or five years as a resident. I apply for "good" units so that makes it a harder tag to draw, but it takes a lot of luck to draw a tag here. I would like to see a point system to help hunters at least be able to draw a tag now and then...
The democrat/socialist/communist take over of our governors office and legislature is already trying to add new gun laws and ban trapping in NM. They have also banned coyote contest on State Land. I would stay away from NM and let the governor know why you won't spend your $$$ here.
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