Double Dove Tail Bases & Recoil

Triple BB

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Dec 12, 2002
I'm shooting a 300 RUM with a Schmit & Ben 3x12 scope. My current ring and base set up includes Burris rings with the plastic inserts and Leupold bases. After my groups disengrated, I noticed some play in the front ring and base. I assume the recoil and heavy scope have something to do with it. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions? A friend recommended a double dove tail set up and stated it should handle the recoil better.
BBB, I think it's a defective base myself, buddy of mine had the same problem with a Leupold base and rings, the front dovetail was loose when he installed it. I suppose the only thing you can do is buy a Burris Double dovetail base and if it's still loose, then your ring is bad, If thats the case, call Gordon or Larry at Burris, 1-888-228-7747 and see if they'll send you a new ring. When you turned the front ring in, did it turn kind of hard and did you apply grease first? Just want to know if it was tight to begin with I guess.
Jay, thanks for the info for Burris. Spoke with Leupold today. They said send the base in. Took things apart today. The base and ring are definitely loose. Not as loose as I remember when I assembled them. I didn't use any grease. Was talking to my local gunsmith. If a new base doesn't resolve the situation, then I'll send in the ring. Was talking with my gunsmith today. He said if the base and ring are more less going to be permanent, he suggested to turn them upside down and fill the base and ring with epoxy.
He said he has some thick stuff so the scope and everything can be reassembled and then turn the gun upside down so it drys in the depression. I think that should resolve the problem.
BBB, The epoxy shouldn't be neccesary, but if you feel you'll never take the thing apart, have at it, When I turn in my rings in the dovetail, I'll apply a little grease, so as to minimize wear and make the ring turn a little easier, new rings and bases should take a bit of effort sometimes to turn in, look at the section of the ring that goes in the base, If it's galled quite a bit, it may be wore out so to speak, when you get your new base, you shouldn't be able to turn in the ring with just your hand, (I use a 1" steel dowel), if you can, the ring is shot, too. Jay
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