Do you name your guns?

Skinny Shooter

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Jul 25, 2002
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I know Boyd has some pet names for his guns.

Thought I would name my 308
"Mister Mojo",
next to seeing a youngun out hunting with a gun that just warms my heart.


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I like-'ol make 'em come! How you been Boyd? Haven't heard from you in a while. Can't believe you let that stock get scratched Skinney!
littletoes, I had set-up for deer on the side of a ridge just below the crest at the base of a tree. Snow was on the ground and with the rifle lying across my legs I decide to shift my position. For some reason the buttstock shifts a bit and moves in the snow. But the snow was hard.
There was a bloomin fieldstone just under the surface that did the deed...

Never, never, never do that but I did. Now if it had been a VS stock that gun would have just laughed...

Also shoot a BDL Varmint in 222, picked it up at an eeeeeville gunshow in Harrisburg two Decembers ago.
It's my American Express rifle, never leave home without it.

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I name mine same method and as often as I name and rename my dog and boss (daily or more often, by my disposition and it's/his performance). Wanna hear some of them?
skinny, i call all my guns by model or cal except for one. i was hot for a hornet when ruger came out with the 77/22 hornet i was on three waiting lists. finaly got it, early model slim barrel,then the trouble started and i am still working on it. it is now a k-hornet. i cant post the names i have given it. maybe the pistols and shotguns are ok but the rifles are bad news. i dont understand why they are bought stripped and rebuilt with after market parts. buy a cooper and enjoy it right out of the box. bob
I don't have that close a relationship with any of my firearms to feel really comfortable calling them by their first name, let alone to name them like I would a child.

But S1's made that harder for me - I do find myself saying "I'm going out to shoot the Wolf today...". Now, when I start calling it "Wolfie", well then - I think I've will have gone too far!
I Don't normally name them, but I do have a Winchester Model 70 that is known by either "Maggie" or "The big long shiny gun" even though it is no longer the longest, or shiniest rifle I own.

It was the first rifle I bought for the express purpose of reaching out beyond 300 yards and making repeatable, one shot kills.
Most of my guns are just "gun".

However, one of my earlier varmint rigs was named the "BLACK MAMBA". Every inch of this rifle is black and it has a nasty bite.
Later on I built a much snappier rig which was called "Ol' Sparky". Flames all over the stock and a few projecting from the muzzle when I launch bullets from her 22-243AI chamber.
Boomer(36#States Arms,50BMG) & Thumper(25# States Arms,MachV 375/50BMG)Just to name two but then there is Spanky(8twist 22-250), Squirt(223VT),Slugger(Win 12ga)& Buzz(Colt AR)
Mach V,

I believe that picture shows why the Europeans thought the world was flat
You can see all the way to the end of the earth there man.... and with them rifles,, you could **** near shoot there too


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Got a 6- 284 1-8 twist,,called VOO-DOO SCIENCE....
A all black .270 Ackley call BLACK MAGIC(what else?!!)
and a 338 Ultra....called AT&T...long distance....its the next best thing to being there!!

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