Deer cull video

Good video, I enjoyed it. What caliber are you shooting there?
How come you dont gut them out in the field?

Do you throw them right in a crock pot and cook the whole thing?
Cool video!!!
Enjoyed it a lot. Great looking hunting terrain, kind of what it looks in my hunts in the Andes. But those are some tiny deer. Harder to see, and harder to shoot at.
Your dog looks like an awesome hunting partner.
Congrats for the video, for the successful hunt, and thanks for posting.
Very nice video. Deer? Where? Three at a time? Looked like housecats to me. They average 200lbs here. Caliber? Ranges? Looks like the moderator works superbly.
Looks like a good time. That's a cool little dog, you wouldn't get my fat lazy dog to do that unless the deer had a pork chop tied around it's neck!
Yes Rockie is a nice little bastard with a very flexible morale it seems...

The roe is small animals and difficult to spot when the vegetation gets to your knees and higher. You REALLY REALLY need to use quality optics properly to find them. All the animals are sold to a game buyer.

This rifle is an original Sako Forester in 243 with a picatinny mounted. I use digital ear protection as the supersonic crack of the speeding bullet (impossible to remove without shooting subsonic) is still there and I very much make a living with my ears and I already have ringing ears as it is. A videoblog from the build can be seen below.

YouTube - sierra645's Channel

Accuracy in this rifle was absolutely amazing. The original plan was to put a 6,5x47 barrel on it, have all the brass/dies etc... just a matter of unscrewing and screwing in the new, but that barrel will have to wait.

I shoot the Hornady 87gr Vmax which works great for shoulder-shots on the roe. With other shots it can be a bit brutal., knocks them clean through with cavities as you would expect on big game/big game bullet. I've shot deer at... well, very long. I will refrain from specifying as I undoubtedly will be flamed on other forums I used.

Suffice to say the deer offers a very small target as this is venison as well. I find the Hornady bullet marginal for my use as I need to be very much on top of my windcalls to put the bullet correctly. Other weather conditions are basically a non-issue as my method is to predict an atmosphere and set up the rifle for it - thus making accurate longrange shooting a very speedy process. I need speed to make use of my chances! A PDA and similars is just too plain slow for the chances I get.

You can get away with very short engagement times by doing most of the work BEFORE the opportunity is presented. Below are some pictures:

Sako Forester 243 w Hitech stock, versapod bipod for fleeting targets, Atec moderator, S&B PMII 4-16x50 P4 fine reticle. A proper tool for killing.

Before departure I set up a ballistic card calibrated for a predicted atmosphere ( I travelled 7 hours by plane to get there!). The prediction came very, very close to the actual atmosphere and the table fitted to the click out to the 750 meters/ 825 plus yards I verified it.


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(had to split it due 6 image limit pr post)

First shot was dead center at 462 meters, 510 plys yards. Apart from the Blaser mounts I've never had the impact not move after a flight. I contribute this to the picatinny mounting system and the quality of the Seekins 34mm aluminium rings. No need for steel, the scope gives before the mounts with these dimensions, and weight is only a fraction...

I always, always bring what I need for building proper rests in my shooting position. Here I'm shooting over tall vegetion with my tripod shooting sticks and my body is supported by the backpack.

This was more or less all I produced in the first two weeks. Mostly due inclement weather, but I was nowhere near keeping up with the estates other professional hunter.

However, had some good days but a bit late. Finished in at 15-17 deer and the number should have been in their 30-40's???
Have become a great fan of Duracoat as it makes the rifle as good as maintenance free. As usual, Duracoat gives where I haven't properly prepped the surface or I chip material off the rifle. The barrel which was very easy to sand down only has very minor scratches, whereas the more difficult areas where I haven't removed the bluing properly slips. I'm very pleased with this product.




Here details from the bolt. It slips where not properly prepped, but the orange high-wear area is still perfect...
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