Custom Turret Knobs

Wouldn't this have the same drawbacks of any other Bullet Drop Compensator? If you have a longer barrel and get a higher MV than what they calculated with, you will be off.
You can buy their standard knobs.


Send your bullet, BC, velocity, altitude info and get a custom knob. I suppose you could send your actual come-ups as well, and get exactly what you want.

I would get all my zeros then have one made. I would probably have several made - one for every area I hunt.

That is IF I used them. I think it might just be easier to dial the MOA than keep changing the knobs.
I like my M1 and M3 turrets as they are too. I tend to use different bullets and loads. I thought this looked interesting enough to put out there for others to consider. Might be nice for a "one load" rifle.

They would be alright if you shot in the same conditions all the time.I've hunted in the morning and it was 25 and at 1000 feet.And at 2 I might be at 2000 feet and its 50......
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