Custom Rear-Grip Specialty Pistol 6XC


Jun 18, 2007
Here is a peek of a Specialty Pistol I do not have in my hands yet.
It will be at WY-SHOT for anyone to shoot.
I will be smacking steel at distance in the near future with this SP!
Remember the name, Michael DeLoach!
His gunsmith work reminds of Gregg Tannel (Gre-Tan Rifles).
The work he has done on this action is nothing short of amazing.
More details and pics on that later.
Joe Updike's modified aluminum chassis set-up for detachable AI mags.
Chambering is in 6XC, throated for 105 grain Berger Hybrid's.
Krieger 8T, finishing at 16.25", Holland Radial Baffle brake, Jewell trigger.
Michael had never shot a SP before, so I was really impressed with his 6-shot group today at 100 yards. This is a 6-shot group. First shot was outside the group was a cold bore/clean bore shot. The other 5 shots measure under 1/2" group!
He will give me specifics later on today.
If you are looking for guy that can do as good of machine work as possible whether it be a bolt pistol or rifle, I would encourage you to check out Michael Deloach @ Nine Gun Run. [email protected] (912) 207-0046


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