Hows this for "specialty" pistol.


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Jan 9, 2006
Well no one really interested in paying for the plans. So I found a local company that is making suppressors that I will be working with now. However the pistol is up for sale. I beleive I am making the move and buying the CNC machine I have been wanting. I might even quit the day job? No guts no glory? If anyone is interested I cleared the stock with auto clear and it is new car shiny. I can make it matte if someone so desires. The barrelled action is still matte black duracoat but I have moly stuff if some one wanted a bake on finish. Let me know if you are interested. I could go 1200.00 with dies and brass(100 I think). 64 grns of H1000 with a 140 A-max and your inside 3/4 minute to 600yds.(probably further thats just the furthes I have shot it.)