Having the skull done also, told the grandson that was his, he can't wait to get it
Don't you know the,"he can't wait to get it." phrase is an understatement?!! I hope ever glimpse of it will conjure memories of the hunt for his lifetime to come (which will no doubt stir up lots more thoughts of "times with grandpa"). I'm proud for you both.
Congratulations !
We can no longer hunt lions in CA since 1990 and have seen the steady decline of our deer population and now they are going after pets in the city, 4 dog attacks in the last 3 days.... go figure.
Received the skull back for the grandson, taxidermist suggests that I get it scored, he's not sure if he's measuring it right but says it should make the Washington record book and he thinks it'll be just shy of Boone and Crockett


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