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    May 29, 2010
    I've done extensive searching on the subject with limited results, but need more options, Who makes accurate custom rifles on controlled feed actions? I know all the arguments for push feeds, but I've seen too many failure to extract problems, which brings up another option and question: I haven't heard of any Tikkas failing to extract under extreme conditions. Any opinions on that?
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    Unfortunately any poorly maintained or loaded rifle can have a problem with extraction.

    I have seen controlled feed actions fail to extract for many reasons and some times even
    pull part of the rim off . this is normally because of a rough chamber,to much pressure or
    a very dirty chamber or all of the above.

    I hear the same thing about the Remington extractors but in over 50 years of hunting and
    shooting I have never had one single failure to extract a round from them.

    My preference is the M16 style extractor(No reason but I just like the way they look and

    The reason that they were used, is under battlefield conditions they were though to be more
    reliable in dirty chambers/rifles.

    Most of the military weapons today use the push feed method and they are just as dependable.

    So the real issue is, use the type extractor "You" like and except the shortcomings of each

    There is nothing magic about building on a controlled feed action, and any smith should be able
    to make an accurate rifle on one.

    Most gunsmiths today will recommend a center feed mag box with a push feed type extractor
    because the In line feeding causes less damage (If any) to the bullet and brass and less chance
    to offset the bullet in the case neck causing a concentricity issue.

    One of the most accurate rifles I ever owned was built on a 98 Mauser action with a reshaped
    extractor nose, I was able to use it ether way.(Controlled feed or push feed).