Controlled round feed magazine parts


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Apr 11, 2018
Thomasville Ga
lately some semi-custom action manufacturers are offering control round feed in their actions. Some standard and some optional. One offers it with a claw extractor another has it standard with an extractor built into the inside of the bolt face. Both have a blade ejector like several of the traditional bolt rifles. And both have the bottom of the bolt face opened to receive the case head when it come free of the magazine box/follower. What I don‘t understand is the lack of magazine parts available to finish the rifle. I do understand the 700 style‘s grip on the custom rifle building market. There are tons of parts for various cartridges for the 700 style push feed. But nobody that I know of makes drop in parts for CRF. If you look at the followers, for the production CRF rifles, it doesn’t look that difficult to develop the parts. Is the market so small it’s not worth the effort? I do know the CRF style of action seems to be gaining popularity. But the skills to tune the CRF are scarce. And the guys that can do it are way out with their backlog. So if we had parts designed for the CRF, the tuning would be quicker and easier. I bring this up because everything I have is CRF. Four different companies. Two production rifle shops and two different semi custom actions that I have rifles built on. I struggled getting ever one of the custom rifles to feed as slick as the high volume factory CRF rifles. This is all hinged floor plate, not DBM.
Any thoughts out there?

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