CO & NM. back to back Elk hunts--pics


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Dec 27, 2006
Dogpatch, NY

Left for my annual Colorado elk hunt on 10/13. Made the the trip without any mishaps, stopping at the same motels, restaurants etcs. This was our fourth year at the same ranch in the south western corner of the state. Weather was good, but on the way out of Denver where we caught some cold rain, there was some snow in the higher elevations.

We arrived in elk camp on 10/15, this gave us a breather before the opener on the 17th. Weather was warmer than normal, in the 70s. This of course did not help the hunting, elk were not moving. I saw one elk the first morning, got in the oak brush and have no idea what it was,. Third morning saw what I do believe was a bull, was visible from the front shoulder back but could not ID it for a legal bull so I didn't take the shot. Had a deer tag, passed on a couple bucks. Nothing really big, 21-22".

Last day, bout the last hour we got on what we thought was a good mulie. Took the shot at a ranged 580 yds, pretty buck but no better or not as big as the ones I passed on. Nonetheless a nice buck--have never taken a really good mulie.


Then!!! Off to New Mexico. Hunted with Beaverhead Outfitters. This was a horse hunt in a wilderness hunt. Covered a lot of ground, saw several bulls. I tagged out on day four, just as the front moved into the area. At day break we saw a large herd of elk on the ridge parallel to our position . The horses seamed to sense the excitement and there was no problem keeping abreast of the elk for a couple miles til they got in the timber. We tied off, headed out out on foot and a couple of ridges over got my shot at 374 yds.



He was a big mature old bull, scarred up from fighting and passed his prime


FYI; I'm on the right.

The wind came up as we were coming out, I would guess 30-40 mph. You could feel the horses bracing against it



Some pics of a very interesting room at the lodge

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Congrats on two fine animals! Thanks for the pics and story. BTW, I'm sure glad that you pointed out that you were on the right side of the the picture of you and mule because I was a little confused... :D:D
Congratulations on another great trip out west Phil.

Nice buck and bull. You should have had a Long Range Hunting cap on and we could have been sure it was you on the right.:):)
Thanks Guys

Planned on adding more info, but for some reason had problems getting the pics to post in my thread and lost my patience.

Rifle was a 338 RUM, I've had good luck with it for three seasons now. Been worked over by a local gunsmith, easy gun to shoot--not finicky. Loading the 250gr AccuBond in front of 91 grs RL 25. Recovered the bullet from the mule deer looks like the ones in the Nosler catalog. NF 5.5-22 x 500mm. Also had a Sako 30-378 Wby as a back up rifle, didn't need it.


I was in another camp where the hunting pressure was a bit much, was move to another location and picked up a second guide. Here they are loading the quarters and rack on my long earred friend.:)


Stopped for a few pics on the way out, doesn't look like it in the pics but its a nasty day

Its good to be able to go and hunt out west without being in a rush.

Now I am home I will go rifle turkey hunting Tuesday or Wednesday in western Maryland and then perhaps go deer bowhunting Friday or Saturday. Dove season will come back in later this month and then it will be rifle deer season and then muzzleloader deer season and late goose season with squirrels to be harrassed. :D
Nice work! I think I would probably pass up that bull though. Then I would come to my senses and slap the hell out of myself and pull the trigger. :D He is a real dandy! Love to have him on my wall. I am off to look for his cousin next week!
Welcome home my friend, and congratulations on taking two nice animals.
Your perserverience paid off in the end of the NM hunt.
I think you're ready to accompany me again next year. :rolleyes:
Congratulations on both hunts!!!
For me the elk and the mule deer are very nice trophies.
Enjoyed reading your post, and laughed quite a bit with the explanation between you and the nice mule:D:D:D
Thanks for posting.
Welcome home my friend, and congratulations on taking two nice animals.
Your perserverience paid off in the end of the NM hunt.
I think you're ready to accompany me again next year. :rolleyes:

What the hell, I'm ready to go again right now. Line something up, my bags are still packed and the truck is topped off.
Thanks for your help.

Nice bull, i presume when you said horseback hunt you were in 16B. I have hunted with Beaverhead several times (Archery) Jack and John are good people. Have not been able to draw a tag there for three years now. Looks like the tall guy "loading the quarters" is Shane. Again congratulations on the bull!!!!!
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