CO bound, Kinks in the edge.


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Jan 30, 2005
Well I burnt up last years ammo and wasn't really happy with the pure accuracy of the edge last year, so I went to looking into the problem. While loading a few rounds to test I noticed my neck tension was a little weak. 5 minutes latter I had the expander button polished down an extra .002".

Tonight I shot a 3 shot, 1.6" 600 yard group off the bipod. Same load as last year 250 AB at 3010fps, but shooting about 1/2 the size as last year. I'm glad thats worked out I'm leaving Tuesday.

From CO I'll be heading to Las Vegas for the last PRS rifle match, before the series finally in December. If all goes well I will qualify for the finally. PRS: Precision Rifle Series
This was something I jumped into this year with-out any experience in it and turns out I am competing pretty well with all the big names, and having a blast meeting other shooters.

Good luck to all you guys heading to the field.
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