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    Jul 30, 2004
    I originally started out west of Laramie hunting for deer. Well, after 3 1/2 days and only 3 deer spotted and every local I talked to telling me they had a really bad winter kill last year I decided to hunt antelope. There were some left over buck tags about 100 miles north in unit 25 and there looked to be lots of public land scattered around in little sections. I soon came to find out that access to these public lands was almost nonexistent due to gated roads that went through private land effectively landlocking the public land. I finally located some public land on an oil field and spotted this buck, one of only three antelope I saw that day. The way my hunt was going he looked pretty good to me. I ranged him at 250 yds and gave him a 168 gr JLK VLD behind the shoulder as he walked along. He died at a dead run. When I got up to him I was even more pleased with my decision to shoot as he had already been shot either that day or the day before right through the throat. His windpipe was okay but his esophagus had been shredded and there was grass down in the open wound where he had been trying to eat. I saved him an agonizing death of being torn apart alive by coyotes when either infection or starvation made him too weak to stand. That was my first shot fired at game with my Stiller Predator Hart barreled 7mm STW. It did the job!
    The second photo shows the exit wound and the old wound on his throat.
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    Very nice.

    I will take a known wounded animal over a trophy animal any day....but they are all still trophy animals to me.