Caridou Hunting

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    May 1, 2011
    Just back from hunting caribou in northern Manitoba.We had a great time and out of our group we got five caridou ranging from 940 to 1330 yards. We took three of the animals with a 30-378 and the others with my Barrett 338 lapua. I took my caridou out at 1013 yards.We had twelve mile an hour cross wind and temp at 12.We had a hard time getting a range on the caridou using my new 1600 lieca my partner had his lieca bino range finder that worked better and got a solid range at 1010 and I turned up the bors and took him in three shots using mill dots for wind. This was the first day of our hunt and we decided that using dots for wind was not going to work for us and started to learn clicks for wind what a big change we took time to range out some rocks and in 22mile wind we started to get good at hitting out to 800 to 1000.During the week the other guys took three more caridou with there 30-378. On the last night we went out and found one across a bay on the the lake the wind slowly dropped to calm and we ranged it a 1330 yards and one shot dropped the caridou cold.When we walked to the caridou the bullet went through upper neck and down through lungs and out it was a great clean kill. gun)
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    Jan 3, 2009
    Congrats. Love it when a plan comes together. Any Pics?