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Mar 12, 2002
A member of our group had something come up that prevents him from going on the Alaska caribou trip this year. We may have room for 1-2 hunters who are capable of a tough hunt and want to get in some caribou hunting. The trip has been 100% successful since 1979 with numerous B&C class bulls being taken and several over 400 points. Last year both of mine went over 400. This is a very tough hunt which has in the past required backpacking up to five miles through boggy alaskan tundra and then getting the bulls out when successful. You must be in good walking/packing shape to do this hunt. Most of us are around 50 but in good shape. Two caribou tags are $735. To make it simple I will provide the rest of the trip including food and round trip airfare for $1200. That would keep the entire trip at around $2000 which is a fair price for anyone interested in shooting a couple of caribou. I am not an outfitter, travel agent or anything else but a guy going hunting with some friends and room for another if anyone is interested. It is a beautiful and exciting trip.

This is a backpack hunt from the drop off point. Most any flat shooting rifle is good for caribou but the big bears in the area make a lot of rifles feel small. The trip is labor day week. Everyone on the trip would be hunting migrating caribou in the same area out of one camp. The size bulls taken usually comes down to either how hard you can walk to get into position or how well you can shoot to keep from having to chase him down. Caribou can walk a lot better than me across the tundra so I rely on shooting first, then figuring out how to get to him. Last year I shot one off a ridge that was on the other side of a lake that was about a half mile across. It took over three hours to get to him but he was worth the walk. In other words if you are a pretty fair long range shooter your odds of a really big one go way up. There were two bowhunters camped near us and they took two beautiful bulls as a herd walked through there camp. So you just can't ever tell.
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