Calling coyotes at O" Dark 30

Discussion in 'Coyote Hunting - From 10 Yards to over 1,000 Yards' started by yote doctor, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. yote doctor

    yote doctor Well-Known Member

    Mar 5, 2010
    Needing to hear from you night hunters! Been successeful during the day but want to get the edge on these big deer killers that I know are out there.

    Getting ready to gear up with some spotlights and of coarse would like to hear from you guys that have put the time in after dark.

    Same set ups?
    Call from truck? (Read it works!)
    Decoy or not?

    Thanks and Happy Hunting
  2. c_bass16

    c_bass16 Well-Known Member

    Sep 22, 2009
    After hunting with the guys from Night Crew...I've realized it's 100% determined by your calling technique.
    You could call them in with stadium lights if you know how to work the calls.
    With the lights in their face, they aren't going to see anything else anyway. They won't see the truck and they won't notice a decoy.

    Get your calling technique down pat and it won't matter what time of day you go out.
  3. coyotemaster

    coyotemaster Active Member

    May 7, 2004
    In the midwest our sections are small and it is hard to get close enough to call coyotes if conditions are wrong--day or night. I have best luck at night after a fresh snow and with a full moon. I have killed multiples different times with these conditions. Barring snow for making it quiet a good breeze can be equally useful in concealing your entry into their domain. I have parked the truck at night and tried quietly to close the doors and get afield only to have a farm dog 1/2 mile away start an alarm. Coyotes pay even closer attention than the farm dogs to what is going on and I have several times been given a warning bark before even settling down to call. I find it best here to park at the farmers house whenever possible to avoid the attention of a vehicle where Wiley is not used to one. You could also throw the farmers dog a tidbit to keep him busy.
    Red LED cap mounted cree lights are fantastic and run long on a charge, another mounted on the scope and you are deadly. On a full moon with snow you could go with out a light and do fine as the Coyotes show up like a road sign on the new snow. If there is a crust you may as well find another game to play as the Coyote will win every time with this condition.