Dark Phase Coyote

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Aug 2, 2009
Southern MN
So while muzzle loader hunting this past weekend my brother and I kick up a pair of good sized coyotes. One was a nice and fluffy regular looking yote, and the other was a very large dark phase coyote. I have never seen any this dark. I know it was a yote because it had all the characteristics and markings of a coyote just a almost black/brown fur color to it.

I took a shot and missed, I would have mounted it.

I was just wondering if anyone has seen one of these are how common are they?
My dad and his buddy used to trap for yotes in the mid 70's. I didn't get to go very often but I remember going one time and they got this one that was nearly black. Not only was it a very cool color it was very BIG as well.

I've hunted and shot many a coyote over the years since but never have I come across one that was as dark.

I'm no biologist but I have always wondered if that yote was crossed with some kind of domestic dog based on its size and color.
I have seen coyotes up here in Washington state all the way from silverish white to pure black. I dont know the reason but, they do get to be a whole rainbow of colors. I use to think it was a wolf/coyote mix but, after some research it is just how they look some times.
sounds like a coy-dog, caught one trapping several years ago. I had the hide tanned looks almost like a silver fox. I was going to get a picture for you it just came out as a dark mass with no real detail of the hide. We have several in one area around here.
Did it look anything like this one? I shot this female Monday at 200 yards on a spot and stalk hunt. RRA in .223 with a 60 gr Vmax. I'm planning to have the hide tanned, probably should have mounted this one but its pretty spendy.



There is a black faze or color in all of the wild canine, I've only seen it once in coyotes but a lot in fox. There seems to be way more of them in the midwest or eastern state than out west from all the reports I've seen on coyote, we in the west have a lot of color faze fox which can be real beautiful to real butt ugly.
Or coyotes in MT vary from real white silky fur on the highline to German shepherd dark looking things, I live in an area with a mix between the two.
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