Calldwell Deadshot Rest????


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Oct 23, 2006
Memphis, TN
Anyone tried these things. Looks good. I bought one yesterday for my sons first youth hunt in a couple weeks. Just curious if anyone has tried them out.
:)I bought one about a year ago for my dad. He had a very hard time getting his rifle steady, and to be consistently accurate.

It took alot of playing with it to find the exact right way to set it up for him. But, once we got it right, it has allowed him to be very accurate.

I have tried it a few times myself. If you get it solid to the ground and balanced it is very steady.

With the shoulder strap it is not much of a chore to take with you anywhere.

I've used it more as a gun vise. Such as leveling a scope or cleaning a gun.:D
I have one and use it at the range for load development. They help remove the "human" element from the equation. Just remember that once you have your load developed, you need to leave it behind and start using your bag, bipod, or whatever you will actually be using out in the field.
Got one for my dad to use, we have practiced alot out to 500 yds. We have found that to be about max. My12 yr old nephew used it over bear bait this year (only 100 yds), but it worked great for him.
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