buying new scope, super sniper or bushnell4200??


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Mar 4, 2004
n.w. pennsylvania
i have a cheap scope on my savge 22-250 and the scope is holding me back on how far i can shoot. i was gonna buy a bushnell 4200 6x24x50 for $380 from swfa, then i went to sniper country and was lookin at super sniper scope review... people say that they are great scopes for 300 bucks. what do u guys think? im starting to lean towards the super sniper.. if i do go with it what power would you all recommend? either 16 or 20.. im just worried 20 might be too much??


If it were me I'd go for the Bushnell Elite 4200. You will have the option of going down to 6x for those coyotes when they come in close and can crank it up for longer shots. I've heard the SS 20x aren't as clear as the 16X and you will have a much smaller field of view if you choose the 16x over the 6x24. I have a SS 16x and really like it but it's on a rifle that I mainly shoot long range, 300-1000yds.


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Jun 10, 2003
I agree with wayne, I have a 20x super sniper and i love it, although for hunting i think the 6x24 would be the better choice. the super sniper is great on a long range only or target only rifle, works ok for sitting in a blind with a good rest and some open country, but not so great for hunting fast and wiley critters like coyotes.
Gene Cole III


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Apr 30, 2004
Maricopa, Arizona
I've got two Super Snipers, one a 10X and the other a 16X. I love them both. The optics are extremely clear and bright, and the scopes seem to manufacture light. The only reason I would consider the Elite over the super sniper would be the magnification. It all depends on what you do with the rifle. I rarely shoot anything inside of 300 yards, so the higher power scopes work fine most of the time. I do have a fixed 6X Nikon that I will move around if I feel that less would be better. I prefer fixed power scopes. I have to believe that fewer moving parts means inherently better accuracy. Whether or not I'll shoot well enough to criticize the scope or not remains to be seen…………..

The 16X is a bitch to find the target through if you are closer than 300 yards. I can see pinholes in a target at 100, but that is after I find the target. The field of view on the 10X is something like three times as wide. I'm going up north to limit the prairie dog population next month. We never set up closer than 300 yards, so the 16X will be sitting on the Savage that day.

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