Bushnell Elite 3200 - Your thoughts


May 8, 2004
birmingham, al
I'm fairly new to long range shooting. I'm not a hunter but I am intrigued by distance shooting. Like many, I'm on a budget, so I purchased a Savage 10FP. I probably made an error in choosing the Elite 3200 for long range shooting. My long range shooting consists of a 500 yd range.

Was this a totally screwy choice for a first scope, or is it ok for someone new to the sport?

Comacho ... The Elite 3200/4200 scopes are excellent scopes and you should not have any problem shooting to 500 yds. It really depends on what power your scope is and rifle caliber. If it is the 10X or 5-15X, you are definitely OK. Since I have only seen 10FP rifles in 223 (1:9) and 308 (1:10), either should work well at 500 yards with proper loads.

Reading the wind is more difficult than dialing in the known elevation. Getting the elevation correct has not been my greatest problem, but reading/guessing the wind has. My longer shots are while PD shooting in South Dalota and calm days don't exist!

Good luck ... Mike

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For reading the wind I bought a 16$ anemometer from Sinclair, just to try one out without spending much. It works well. I'm still learning every time I shoot in even a light breeze, but the little anemometer used with my drop/windage chart usually puts me within inches, even at 500 yds.
I dont know if this will help much, but it is kinda the same series. My dad broke down 1 time and bought the Bushnell Elite 3000, 3-9x40 to put on his Browning BAR .338 Win Mag. No more than 200 rounds through the gun and the elevation and windage clicks were internally broken. There was some weird noise and it never would track right. Also the brightness and clarity was just not there anymore either. However, my mom has one on her .243 and it has had no problems. I think its the recoil difference.
I have the 4200 2.5-10 and have been very happy with it's quality. It's only downfall is the lack of target turrets. So far I haven't had any problems with it, but I only have 120 rounds through it in a fairly light recoiling rifle. Clay pigions at 710 yards and 8" targets at 920 were plenty clear. Bullet impacts in the dirt were all too clear too.
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