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  1. BountyHunter

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    Jun 13, 2007
    These are common bullet BCs from an old post. Anyone have more current info and updates post them

    6.5 Caliber
    Sierra 142 .595@2850
    Berger 140 .633@2240
    JLK 140 (B) .630
    Clinch River 147 _____
    AMAX 140 .618@2400
    Cauterucio 141 .630

    7mm Caliber
    JLK 168 .690
    JLK 180 .738
    Sierra 168 MK .636
    Cauterucio 156 .615
    Cauterucio 176 .750
    Berger 168 .648
    Berger 180 .738
    AMAX 162 .625
    Nosler 140 BT .488

    30 Caliber

    Sierra 168 MK .462
    Sierra 180 MK .475
    Sierra 190 MK .565
    Sierra 200 MK .600
    Sierra 220 MK .655
    Sierra 240 MK .711
    Sierra 200 GK .597
    Barnes 180 TSX .428
    Barnes 180 XLC .498
    Barnes 180 MRX .459
    Berger 168 .512
    Berger 175 .537
    Berger 185 .569
    Berger 190 .583
    Berger 210 .640
    JLK 190 .602
    JLK 210 .665
    AMAX 168 .475
    AMAX 178 .495
    Cauterucio 190 ____
    Cauterucio 210 ____
    Clinch River 216 ____
    Hornady 180 SST .481
    Lapua Scenar 155 .508
    Swift Sciroco 180 .547
    Nosler Accubond 200 .538

    338 Caliber

    Sierra 250 MK .565
    Sierra 300 MK .797
    Hornady 225 SST .526
  2. davewilson

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    Feb 19, 2004
    i use .59 for the 338/250 Sierra MK

    things a little slow down in Va.?
  3. Eric Stecker

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    Jul 27, 2007
    Berger BCs

    All of our BCs are listed on our website at Berger Bullets under the Products heading on the bullet pages. You can also request that we mail to you a brochure which lists all of our updated BCs. Call Andrea Cobos at 714-447-5456 or email her at andrea.cobos@bergerbullets.com.

    While your asking for the brochure be sure to request our 30 minute Hunting with Berger VLD video which shows kill after kill while listing the cartridge, velocity, bullet and distance.

  4. Sendero_Man

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    Feb 4, 2007
    I found the Berger BC on the 168 VLD .284 cal to be .63 to match my data when running it out to 1000 yards.
  5. WAMBO

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    Dec 22, 2001
    The BC for the 7mm 168gr SMK is about .490, I think the 175 SMK is closer to .630.

    Wayne aka WAMBO
  6. Sendero_Man

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    Feb 4, 2007

    Yup, I run .494 for 168 and .608 for the 175 @ 2400 fps.
  7. Eaglet

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    Feb 2, 2005
    I have also experienced, like many, almost always when using VLD type bullets, SMK, etc., the BC that we need to use for long range will need to be higher than the published BC; this is because by using published BCs at ranges longer than about 500 yards, we usually have points of impact higher than what the drop table is telling us. As we know, to fix it we have to kick the BC up until we come up with a higher number to match our impact point at longer ranges telling the ballistic application that our bullets fly flatter than what the application is telling us. The reason is that most ballistic programs use the G1 BCs with the G1 drag model which is for flat base spitzer type bullets. This model if far from fitting the VLD type bullets. Other applications atemp to make the G1 model fit the G5 and G7 models which fit the VLD better, but at best they just get a bit closer. That's the reason I like LoadBase 2.0, because it's unique in its ability to use G1 ballistic coefficients which are widely available but yet it does not use the G1 drag model, instead it will do complicated calculations to create internally a model for the specific bullet that's coming out of your rifle. The thing is to collect four velocities at different distances using a good chronograph, weather conditions, and let the program do its thing. It will calculate a BC with a Drag value that will allow you basically to have a custom model for your very own bullet.
    I have yet not been able to collect those velocities but I have done other tricks that have allowed my drop tables to be closer than ever before.
    I hope I did not bore you guys to death! :)
    I almost forgot my main reason to post, LoadBase 2.0 has in its data base 2945 bullets ranging from BC = 0.026 to BC = 1.095 including info like: Manufacturer, bullet type, bullet name, stock #, Bullet diameter, bullet caliber, bullet length and bullet weight.
    No, I'm not a salesman for Patagonia Ballistic nor I'm receiving commissions, but maybe I should. Ha? :confused:
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  8. 30-06 boy

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    Nov 17, 2005
    i just looked on sierra's website on a few bullets.here is what i found.7mm/185smk/.494bc 7mm/175sierra/.560bc
    30cal/208 hornady amax/.640bc