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  • Eric: I need a load receipe for 300 grain Bergers in 338 Cal for my 338 Lapua. The Berger manual don't list anything but Bullets.com has the pills. Please advise...Daryl

    I see thempost about the 7mm but any word on the .277 cal 170 grainers?
    Really like the Matrix but would much rather buy American.

    Could you possibly give me a bit of insight into the 185 from a 300 win mag for whitetail distance from 40-400 yards. Could I expect an exit . I do love the performance of the 215 hybrids however recoil is a bit stiff in a sub 8 lb rifle. Thank you for your time. Sincerely Jesse Gibson.

    We'd love to see your pictures. We'll see if we can put them on our website. Sounds like a great hunt. Well done.

    ERIC- MY hunting buddy shot an 82 inch antelope at 591 with a 168 berger and my 7mm rifle. the mule deer was "only 282 " yards . it is impressive gross score by the guide was 223. need to send you some pics. ron wood
    Thank you for your kind words and your welcome. We sincerly want you to enjoy shooting so if you need anything further let us know.

    I recieved the package you sent today. I can't express the extent of my appreciation for all your help. you have a customer for a life.
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