Build on MK V action


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Dec 25, 2012
Ontario Canada
Id like to build a .257 weatherby or .270 bee and i have found an LH action (as i am left eyed). It started life as a 30-06, it is a german 9 lug. It was then modified too a .416. So the bolt face has been opened up to .585
The bolt i think is useless to me if i want to build one that requires the .540 diameter. So how difficult will it be to get a left hand bolt with that diameter? I will also need the proper box mag and follower. Also will the bolt stop slot have to be machined or will it already be long enough? Is there anything else im missing?
Pretty much all ive got is the LH reciever, trigger, and bottom metal thats any good if i want to build the .257 or 270. If any one has parts let me know the only problem might be im in Canada.
It will probably be better to sell your current action and buy one that has the bolt face you are looking for. An Accumark might shoot very well as you get it. All 3 of mine do.
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