Budget Build


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Mar 15, 2010
Well fell into a cheap 300 Win Mag was a Stevens 200 had not a box shot down the pipe. Honest round count as I knew the guy. Well my goal was to make this a LRG for as cheap as I could get away with and not end up sleeping outside for the rest my life. So bought the rifle for $100.00 next ordered a Choate stock, going to try a Millet LRS scope, a 20 moa rail, and a E. R. Shaw Barrel.before you smoke me on the barrel I read more good things then bad and most guys who had one was really happy with it. In fact talked to a few guys that had several Shaw barrels and like the results so much that that was all he was going to buy from now on. So with everything including reloading dies and all the parts listed above including the rifle have less then a $1000.00 rolled up in it just hoping the barrel is as good as everyone as said.
You just got to love the stevens rifles there so low priced you can buy them and just give away the stock and trigger put the barrel up in the closet and build away ;-)
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