browning x bolt trigger replacement?

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  1. gilmillan1

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    Dec 8, 2012

    a buddy of mine was invited to hunt with one of his friends, and during the hunt, he f==cked up his buddy's browning x-bolt medallion.

    Pretty much the trigger and the stock were damaged because a truck ran over it.

    So my buddy is looking for a replacement trigger and a replacement stock. However, he cant find any. The only ones he could find were the stock ones from the manufacturer, but between the stock and the trigger, the amount for both is almost the cost of the gun.

    Anyone know where we can find an aftermarket trigger and a stock for a 270 browning x bolt medallion?

    thank you
  2. Browninglover1

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    Jan 10, 2011
    The medallion stock is going to be hard to replace without buying from Browning. You can find synthetic take off stocks at gun shows occasionally and they'll cost you between $50-100.

    The trigger is only available from browning that I'm aware of so you'll have to bite the bullet and buy one from them.
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    Jul 6, 2011
    Sometimes, when you screw up, you just have to be a man and suck it up.

    I was supposed to have a day off on Nov 25 2013, to go hunting. But my wife had a morning doctors appointment that conflicted with my hunting plans. Usually her daughter would take her. So I was up early, made some breakfast and coffee and was waiting for my wife to get ready for the doctors appointment. While I am waiting, her daughter arrives out of the blue and a few minutes later, my firewood guy arrives with a dump trailer with 4 cord of firewood on it. I have been waiting for this delivery for over 3 months and thought he had forgotten about me.

    So we set to work to get the trailer backed in where it needed to be, think it is all fine and then the hydraulic powerpack decides its not going to dump the trailer. After messing with it, he asks me if I could back my truck up to the trailer so we can use some jumper cables to apply power directly to the electric motor of the power pack. So I carefully back my truck up, avoiding all the obstacles and getting it close to the trailer, when suddenly there is a crunch and rearward motion stopped. Well, I had forgotten about the step daughter who had showed up and parked on an unusual spot and to top it off, she is driving her boyfriends beater of a Chevy Cavalier.... I ended up crushing the fender of the driver side front and could not even open the drivers door.

    Long story short, I got my $550 worth of firewood and paid $1100 to have the boyfriends cavalier fixed which theoretically would have totalled the car, since it is a Michigan rusted out hulk. BUT, the fender and door was working when she arrived and unfortunately, it was my job to be aware of my surroundings when driving my truck.. I could have used that $1100 which I paid out of savings.

    In the end, the daughter did take the wife. If I had known and gone hunting, this would never have happened. But it did.

    I suggest your friend buy his friend a new rifle, or a perfect used one. Then give him the buggered one for spares. That is a way to repair the damage that he has inflicted on his trustworthiness. The original owner will probably never have faith in that rifle again after it was driven over by a truck.
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    Feb 7, 2010
    I looooved my browning x-bolt in 300wsm...til I decided i wanted to customize it and there were nooo parts available, i bought a remmy 700 and now my browning sits in the safe.