Brno zkk602 magnum action accurate enough?


Jul 16, 2009
I have used a 375 Brno CZ extensively in South Africa for many years with great success. However, after reading articles by Fiftydriver on LRH.COM and being a bit of a gun nut, started wondering about new cal such as 300RUM, 338EDGE, 375CHEYTAC or the ALLEN series. I know it it not in the BAT, LAWTON, STILLER and so forth, class - but would it be beefy enough for accuracy?
Can anybody give me an indication whether this action is accurate enough and can anything be done to trigger mechanism?

Would it be able to accomodate the 375 Allen Magnum from Kirby and still be accurate? I`d like to use this action as the price of actions in SA are prohibitely expensive.

Please help!
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