break on a 338 rum sendero?

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Dec 14, 2002
unfortunatly i don't have enough money to build my lr gun all at once but if i buy a sendero in 338 rum, put a scope on it and a good muzzle break how much do u guys think recoil would be reduced by? gun would weigh about 10 lbs i guess. maybe a year or 2 down the road i'll change the barrel, have it rechambered to a rum imp design and put a mcmillen stock on it. right now i would just buy an of the shelf sendero, a long range leupold scope and a muzzle break.
The brake will reduce the felt recoil by at least half.

When you get ready to have another barrel put on (in the same caliber) the Muzzle brake on the Sendarow can be used on the new barrel. All you will need is the new barrel and the stock of choice.

With the 338 RUM and heavier bullets you WILL need a brake.

Call Ray Romain---814-265-1948 he will put a real nice KDF brake on for you.

HH 338:

I have listed a link to a website that has a recoil calculator so you can dump in the data of the 338 Rum and get a baseline of felt recoil, cut that figure in half and compare it to other rifles/cartridges combos (such as a 8lb .243) for a comparasion. Works for me..

C'mon Darryl, my .338 RUM weighs 11# with scope and doesn't kick hard at all with the 250 Noslers...

Put the 300 grainers in and go to the bench and fire 30 rounds.

Check out you shoulder after your done.

After that, put a break on fire 30 more and watch how much tighter your groups are.
thanks for the feedback guys!

anyone have any thoughs on a Vari-X III 8.5-25x50mm Long Range M1 scope? that's the one i kinda picked for this rig.

doesn't kick hard you say? how fast are you shooting those 250gr noslers? i shot a 338 rum at the range using normal 250gr remington ammo and they gave my shoulder quite a work out
Just kidding about the recoil, guys...

I traded into this gun --already built by John Ricks. It does wallop you pretty good, but it is a carry rifle I plan to hunt with and *may* not have my muffs on, hence my reluctance to install a brake. If it was a heavy bench gun, there would be no question. It would have already been to Mr. Romain for a KDF...
I can speak for Darryl and myself on the Leupold LR 8.5-25x50-- great choice for a LR Hunting rig...I have 2 and I know Darryl has several.

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Yep, I agree with Chris. The Leupold 8 1/2X to 25X LR is hard to beat for the LR hunter/shooter. I should buy Leupold stock.

The cost is not out of line for the quality of optics in the Leupold and the Warrenty is fantasic if needed.

I knew you were kidding about the recoil and was about to say----"You Dah Man" Chris if you can take the thumping the 338 with the 250 or 300 gr gives you.
My next comment was going to be, how often do you hit the target trying to hold on to that light rifle from the bench?

I always said that when hunting and shooting at game, you could stand behind a howitzer and pull the trigger and not feel the recoil. Well maybe

The muzzle brake will definatly reduce recoil.

I have the 300RUM with a 6.5x20x50 LR and my rig weighs a little less then 11 pounds. I shot 180s and ended up with a black eye. There is no way you will be able to shoot this accuratly without a brake.

However, if you plan on hunting with this guy, as I do, you must wear ear plugs. I have a KDF brake and I shot it once from the bench to see how the volume was. My friend walked up to me and all I could see was his lips moving-no sound.
I'll disagree. My 300 RUM weighs only a touch over 8 lbs and 95% of my shooting with it has been 240's chronographing in the 2970 range.

Yes, it thumps you--especially from the bench. But with a good recoil pad on the stock (Pachmayr Decelerator), a good shoulder pad (Past Super Magnum Plus), and a scope with enough eye relief it can be set forward enough that it won't whack your eye (Leupold) it can be managed quite well if one puts his mind to it. I can shoot a dozen or so groups (three shot) in a sitting before I decide to call it quits. If it weighed 10 lbs, heck, it would be a ***** cat.

I should point out, however, that I do most of my shooting from feild positions which is much easier on the shoulder and the added weight of the bi-pod helps even more.

It's not for everybody, but if you don't like brakes and especially if you have experience shooting "buffalo-stopper"-type big bores, the RUM's can be shot well with some practice even with out a brake.
You can expect recoil to be reduced somewhere around what a 7-8lb 243win or 308win would be if using a brake on that thing.

People CAN shoot them accurately without one, I know it wouldn't be a problem for me but some may have shy shoulders. How you hold and shoot the heavy kickers is what matters and can be learned and dealt with quite easily. You have to have a CAN DO mind to do so though, if your convinced you can't you won't get far toward mastering it. A challenge some like to avoid and some like to take head on.
Hey Chris, don't want to sound like an advertisement, on last years hunt I used a game ear while hunting. Worked out great while shooting my Vias braked .338 ultra.
I bought a Browning A-Bolt Stalker last year in .338 Win. Mag. My big concern was the kick, since that's a big topic of conversation. I had a gunsmith install a Pachmyer Decellerator pad, and decided to wait on the muzzle brake for the reasons already stated: I like what's left of my hearing.

I found that I can shoot the gun very well without the brake, so I never installed it. It is nothing for me to shoot 30 rounds at the range, and I'm using 250 gr. Sierra Game Kings for now.

That said, a friend wanted to shoot it, shot it once and says he'll never shoot it again.

I'm not sure if it's just me, if he held it wrong or what, but it seems to be a function of the person and the rifle. I won't say it doesn't kick, but it certainly doesn't hurt me, and it doesn't make me flinch. I only stop at 30 rounds because of cost or time.

My recommendation would be to install a Decellerator and see. Then add a brake if it's necessary.

smoak: There is no way you will be able to shoot this accuratly without a brake.

Um, I do. I get .4-.6" groups all day without a brake stock all the way except for some trigger tuning.
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