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Dec 18, 2001
it sounds like the .338 RUM is the poor boy's long range gun.about 150 to 200 fps less and thousands less.i have heard the chambers are not cut right.the way people say they shoot they would have to be right.lets hear about your .338 RUM good or bad,thanks,keith
I would not say the Lapua has that much on the Ultra. I have a stainless 338 Ultra and it is a 1/2 inch shooter at 100 yds. If you want to e-mail me I will give you more info. Steve Hanson
I have a 338 rum sendero and will shoot clover leaves all day. A gentlemen by the name of Guy has posted a lot of load data for it (do a search). Look over at accurate also. I put a badger LR base with badger rings on it with a 4.5-14 Leupold LR. I'm a college student (says something about the price) and I'm totally satisfied. Some of the $2500 plus custom rigs won't shoot as good as this rifle. GO SENDERO!
im thinking about it for looking for something that will reach.has a punch and won't break my back to carry it for a short while. or break the bank for that matter,thanks,keith
Steve Hanson tell me more about your 338 ultra mag.i know it has a bedding block but did you have to have it glassed to get it to shoot.what kind of velocity are you getting and with what is the accuracy.thanks,keith
I've got a factory .338 RUM in LSS. Not the Sendero, although I'd have liked it to be one. The Sendero is hard to find in .338 RUM.

Had a very rough barrel and some teething problems gettting the accuracy where I wanted it. Have a Vais brake on it. I'm getting 9/16" patterns at 100 yards at 2859 fps. Still working up loads and expect to be able to push 250 grain GameKings to 3100 fps. My 225 grain Accubonds should go to 3200 fps without many troubles. Nice rifle. I enjoy it, although it does heat up VERY quickly at the range.

Mark in Utah
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