Brand New 700 Sendero Problems

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by Senderohunting, May 27, 2013.

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    May 27, 2013
    Hey guys Im a new member here and have used this forum in the past to answer some of my questions. I have a brand new Sendero SF II in 300 Win Mag that I bought from a local Gander Mt near where I live. Took it out to the range to line the scope and when shot the bolt will turn up but will not slide back to extract the casing.. After some light taping the bolt frees and slides back with out extracting the case.. Thought maybe it was just cheap ammo but shot it two more times with Superformance Hornady and Federal V-Shok and still the same thing.. it seems to me that there's something wrong w the bolt itself or the barrel is not aligned properly to the receiver because when i get the case out it has light scrapes on one side of it at the back where it acts like its almost moving in the chamber.. I know people have done some really dumb stuff at times but the barrel is stamped for 300wm. Im assuming that it will need to be shipped back to Remington but just wanted to check on here first and get a few opinions.. Thanks for your help!
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    Gander Mountain is technically a warranty center for Remington. So, I would return it there and have them look at it. They can ship it back and it will probably be free.

    This happened with my friend's Rem 870. The vent rib on the barrel was on quite crooked, and GM shipped the barrel back to Rem, and Rem sent him a new one.
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    I would also MIC. one of the fired cases and compare it to the SAAMI dimensions or even an unfired case