700 problems


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Apr 29, 2009
yesterday I went to shoot my rem 700 sps for the first time
I have put it in a manners stock the first thing is that I really have to slam the bolt
closed in order to lock it down and also the bolt does not pick up last cartridge
in the magazine any ideas ?
Sounds like the action is in a bind. Does the stock have a blind magazine or detachable floor plate? Hard to close sounds almost like the front scope base screw is too long and protruding down inside the action. Only thing I can figure on the feeding is the reciever and box magazine are fitting together for some reason. Do these conditions occur with the original stock? JohnnyK.
I'll give it a try thank you

this problem only occurs when there is a cartridge in the chamber
I tried factory ammo out of 3 different boxes
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losen the acction screws and just see if it works dont shoot it. if it works U found it. How tight are U cranking down on them?
I have reassembled everything the feeding problem is solved
all the screws are good and I have talked to another guy who has the same rifle
he says his is tight too
I shot it again today and it seems to have loosened up a bit
I was just wondering why U pick tha brand off the stock tha a hole new ball game? Did U buy this rifle new?
I bought the rifle new never fired a shot
cerakoted the barrel and receiver, put a timney trigger in it ,put in an aluminum firing pin assembly, AZ bolt knob , changed the and bedded stock
mounted a ziess 4.5x14x50 rapid z on top
then shot it
with factory ammo the first group was two touching and a flier everything after that could be covered with a nickel or dime shot it again yesterday different ammo and the groups opened up to 1"-1.5"
I once had 700 problems but got divorced and the problems went away. Now I shoot whenever I want, no problem!

I couldn't pass up that open window, just had to jump thru it.

now that's not nice I just got a new rifle for my wife... best trade I ever made:D:D:D
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