Boots for Hiking - Schnees

Apr 4, 2008
Ventura County, CA
I read through the other boot thread and I never heard anything about the Shnees' Bozeman or Ridgerunner, I have heard that they are a great boot but I was wondering if anyone here has had first hand experience with either of these boots. Also if the sizing is the same as most other manufacturers or if they run large or small.
I bought a pair of Schnees about 20 yrs. ago. Had them retreaded once. Ibought mine a 1/2 size bigger. Thet are vary good people to deal with. Mine are the 14" boot.
I have a pair of the high top bozeman boots in size 13 and they run true to size. They offer decent ankle support but are probably best suited for upland and out west hunts that are not all vertical with heavy loads. I like them but was disappointed the see made in china on the tongue. Dean
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