Booner Sitka Blacktail

Dang nice Sitka..have seen several go thru taxidermy shop...but never a true 5x5..and never a 5x5 with eyeguards...unreal...
and awesome territory to hunt....makes it all the more memorable......congrats...
Thankyou very much brother. Yes very rare for a Sitka blacktail. I don't think I'll ever shoot one as big as this ever again. Cheers. Happy hunting!
That is a rare and magnificent trophy. Were you hunting an area with or without large brown bears?
Thankyou very much brother. He will be mounted with velvet on! Not many people understand how rare it is for a Sitka blacktail to get this size. Don't think I'll ever top this one. Cheers. Happy hunting! And this was taken in SE Alaska no brown bears
I've never shot a 6.5 CM, but it appears to work up yonder. Congrats on your personal far.

Welcome from south Texas. It's already been over 100 degrees here. I'll bet it ain't nowhere close in your home state of Alaska.

I'm hoping to get there someday, if I don't get old first.
I usually shoot a .308, .243 or .7mm-08 for blacktails and black bears. First time trying out the 6.5CM and I can't complain. Wow amazing weather it has barley broke 50 degrees here so far. When it's not raining here, it's paradise for fishin and hunting. I hope to make it Texas one day to do the same! Happy hunting. Cheers brother