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Jul 15, 2009
Looking for a good book to get me started on long range shooting. In case it matters up to 1,000 yards.


Surprised no one has chimed in. Ok let me be more specific. I want to learn about clicks, wind, drift, maybe some info on software for calculating drop and clicks etc...


if you look on thr LRH store Brian's book applied balistics, my dad picked it up and I plan to liberate it soon!
Precision Shooting magazine sells (or at least used to) a book titled 'Precision Shooting at 1000 yds'. Not so much a 'how to' book as a collection of articles on long range shooting in various venues from varmint hunting to benchrest to an article on F-Class (that I blame with getting me hooked).

Bryan Litz's book Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooters covers almost exactly what you're asking about - how to effectively utilize your sights (including scopes), how to set up and use your ballistic program for maximum accuracy, & some very good information on the effects of wind drift.

If you are looking for a book just on how to 'dope' the wind (different from theoretical discussion of wind effect) you might be interested in 'The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters' from Paladin Press. It is oriented almost entirely towards competitive target shooters on KD ranges with wind flags, but I think it still has some value in terms of general wind strategies, interpreting the conditions based on other (natural) indicators (because wind flags are all habitual liars...), etc. Basically if you can't figure out how to deal with the wind on a KD range with wind flags and such, your odds of success in the field are significantly reduced, IMO.
Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting By Bryan Litz

You can find that book at the LRH Gear Shop, is is exactly what you are looking for. There is an article written about the book, that you can find in the home page of this website, after reading the article you will be convinced that is the book you need. I want one also!!!
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