I shot one last summer. They have lots of little knobs, dials, bells, and whistles. Lots of delicate stuff to break off or little screws and knobs to fall off and get lost while hunting. This rifle is designed to be taken from the trunk of a squad car, taken to a roof top, set up to precisely point at a particular spot, to be left for hours on end (it has it's own front and rear support structures), and maybe fired, or returned to the squad car trunk. This is not a rifle to be dragged around in the field. Just my opinion. It's light and accurate, but then so is fine crystal.
I only took my LRS2s hunting on several occasions. Never had any parts fall off but they were a bit heavy to lug around. We had a blast(excuse the pun) filling homer buckets with tannerite and shooting them between 1000-1600 yds in far west Texas and sitting on my buddies porch and shooting pigs all afternoon and drinking tea.
Blaser LRS2 308
47g Varget
185g Berger Molly VLD
Lapua brass
cci BR4
OAL 73.75mm Most accurate Load to date for my 308 LRs2

Blaser LRS2 243 special order 1 in 8 twist match barrel
Berger 105g VLD
45.5g vit N160
Lapua brass cci BR4
oal 72.75mm

Blaser LRS2 243 1 in 10 twist match barrel
95g Berger VLD
46.6g Vit n160
Lapua brass
cci br4
oal 72.75mm Outstanding accuracy.

Anyone able to share oal with berger 30 cal 185g Juggernault with Lapua brass for 308 Blaser LRS-Tac 2.
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