Big velocity increase and shooting way left


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Feb 22, 2010
With some help of a website I wanted to see if you re-chambered a late Enfield No.4 MKII 303 British to a 7.62x54R Russian Surplus round how would it like it. They have solved almost every issue, and it is shooting very well with ammo that is less than $4 a box. The last issue is it is shooting way left and to sight it in the front sight is .110" off center. I should have shot the rifle first with 303 but I did not. The 303 is a 3.13" bore like the 7.62x54R and both are rimmed cases the Russian being just a little fatter. Both rifles shoot a 1 in 10" twist rate, the 303 is a 174gr bullet at 2,250fps and the Russian is a 148gr at 2,880fps, chamber pressures are very close. It is a left hand twist barrel, some say the velocity would not affect windage like that and others say that is the problem. What do y'all think?

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