Beyond Belief One and Two?


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Oct 23, 2009
I just bought the first beyond belief yesterday at Cabelas and its an awesome video. Really good video that emphasizes practice and make sure you can make the shot before you try it on game. I had already seen beyond belief 2 and its good too but my question is whats the deal? In the first video there is John Burns and a whole different staff other than John Porter compared to beyond belief 2.
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I don't know any details or reasons why. Suffice it to say John Burns and The Best of the West parted company a while back. You can still get John Burns hunting videos at his Greybull Precision website. Cost of his Precision Hunter Journal DVD is just the shipping/handling fee.
I asked that very same question to a member of The Best of the West last year at the Eastern Outdoor Sportsmans Show and his reply was that John only wanted to make a handful of guns a year and everybody else wanted to make 100+. More guns =more money. So i said well didnt you lose one of your most knowledgeable long range hunters? He said no ---- ------- tought him everthing he knows. ( i left it blank because i dont recall the name he said.) I was like ok and walked on . Now i dont know if there is anything to it or not this is just what i was told.
Thanks for responding. Sounds like maybe it was over the number of guns to be made and there's probably 2 sides to the story. Just curious.
yea im not sure that was it because he is now with another company that builds long range shooting "systems" as they call it so if he did not want to build lots of guns then why go somewhere and do the same thing??????? Dont guess it really matters however The Best of the West has not been the same without him. Not nearly as good. They spend too much time pushing their scopes and not enough time hunting and giving tips. :D
sdkidhao, what kind of help are you looking for? Maybe I can help. Let me know.
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