Best weather for shootin'?


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Mar 12, 2003
Schofield, WI.
Best weather for shootin\'?

Is there any certain type of weather that seems to produce your best groups? ie: Partly cloudy, sunny, etc. Jay
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Think you will find that the best groups are shot very early in the morning or very late in the evening on clear days. Wind has tendency to die down, no mirage, no clouds to play havoc with optical illusions on where target actually is as sun goes in an out etc

Re: Best weather for shootin\'?

In my area, the best weather is right now. Temp around 10C, very calm conditions, light overcast days (no mirage and limited shadows).

I can shoot a 5rd group and the barrels just start to get warm. They cool fast. No mirage or swirling winds. Very consistent.

Worse is during extreme cold or heat. My range has a clay/sand ground and mirage is horrid.

However, the worse day shooting is still better then the best day at work.

Re: Best weather for shootin\'?

I like about 50 degrees clear sky in the morning and evening when the wind dies.
i know for super fast rounds in an m1a1 we use to lie to the computer and input 29.92 for barometric pressue.the pressure has alot to do with flight and speed and resistance.but finding the perfect day is tough so what the hell a good clear day no wind and a hundred miles from the nearest town
The time of year when it's around 50-60 degrees early in the morning.
In my neck of the woods.

As close to sunrise as possible. When the air and dirt are at nearly the same temperature. Thus no mirage.

At any other time of day there is mirage!

Have learned that as the sun sets and the wind quits, mirage does a whole different thing and I can't see it.:rolleyes:

Thus the best days to shoot are when I'm out there shootin'.

Oh! Rain is very good too!!!
I'm with a lot of the "ole' timers", I shoot whenever I can and just make the most of it. I dont worry much about it if I'm shootin' groups at 100yds. Only if it's raining harder than a drizzle, or the outside temp. is approaching 100 degrees.
I think the conditions that are present when a light drizzle is occuring are almost perfect for shooting. When the temps get up there you have to fuss with the barrel. I shoot once or twice and take my rifle inside for 15-20 minutes. Not sure this is actually the best method (metal expansion) but keeps the barrel from getting too hot. I keep my test loads inside until I'm ready to shoot 'em.
If I'm going to be shooting farther than 100yds I will go on-line and get an accurate weather forecast with as much info as I can get and plug everything into JBM. Barometric pressure, temp., wind, humidity, actual velocity for that day, it all matters, I feel.
It helps that I have a range at home. This setup makes load development quick, in-depth and stress free (for me). I don't like doing load development at home and then having to drive to the range to test them out. I'm left hanging until I get back to the range. At home I can shoot all day long, varying components, seating depths (if needed) and clean my barrels as I go. Perfect setup for OCD people. :)
Shoot when you can, work when you have to. JohnnyK.
I don't have a range at home but, I'd have to agree, It's got to be a whole lot quicker and more fun not having to travel to and fro from home to range...back and forth.
I do my best shooting in early fall with those early morning temps are around 50. Light wing, low humidity, and that cool air that gets all of us hunters thinking about big bucks and bulls.
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