Best Do It All Shotgun?


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Mar 2, 2014
Winston Salem, NC
Remington 1100's are timeless. With inexpensive barrel swaps it can do virtually anything and parts are super cheap and readily available. One of my favorite stories to tell about 1100's (and be clear this only applies to real 1100's none of the variants like 11-87) is that back in the late 1990's I shot registered skeet for a few years. All gauges. In 20, 28 & 410 you saw some super expensive hardware, all over and unders with even more expensive full length insert tube sets. The 12 gauge event was always the last event of the weekend. When that event came around a surprising number of top shooters would put their O/U's away and pull out a 26" 12 gauge 1100. Not only in smaller events but the biggest I shot in, the MI State Championship, had tons of shooters clean the 12 gauge and shoot offs took for ever. Lot's of 1100's showing up in the shoot-offs as well. These people can shoot any gun on earth they want. To me that says a lot.

A buddy of mine who is now in his 80's and deadly fast on anything with feathers on it has a 28ga 1100 skeet gun and it is an upland machine. Yes, not the best choice for reloaders, depends on volume you shoot and budget.

But as I wrote earlier in this post, my choice is still me synthetic 390 Beretta 12 gauge.


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