Best bullet for .308 with 748 powder?


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Jan 11, 2006
Using a .308 on Elk at 500 yards is, at best irresponsible not to mention reprehensible. A .308 180 grain Nosler partition might be a good 100 to 200 yard on an elk, beyond that it's a no go. Not enough energy to make Mr. or Mrs Elk take immediate notice that their bodies have been invaded. At 500 yards the best one could do is wound an Elk and cause it to run away and have a painful death a long way from where you were hunting. If you are going to go Elk hunting be able to shoot a reasonable elk hunting round. Yup we are talking a .270 (Jack O'Connor's favorite). 30-06, 300 Win Mag or 7MM Rem Mag. Other larger calibers may be used but be sure that recoil management is well within our capabilities and at ranges that are reasonable. Teri Anne.

Snork snork snork....what a bunch of BS!

One thing I know is that when people start up with the foot pounds talk is that they're pretty much lacking experience in that which they're taking out of the *** about.............true story here:)

Shane Lindsey

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Jul 13, 2010
With the powder you have I would try either 152 hammer hunters or 168 barnes TTSX. Steve at hammer says that they get 3000 FPS with the 152 hammer hunters and CFE223. I can get 2825 with the 168TTSX and cfe223. Win 748 is a little faster per the burn chart I have so you should be able to get close. With most TTSXs barns recommends 1800fps min at impact, the 168s are one of the exceptions they recommended 1500fps for the 168. I would recommend you add 200-300fps above their number as insurance.

If you are willing to change powders I would recommend the 151 absolute hammers. The absolute hammers work differently and work best with faster for powders for a given cartridge. Iam just about finished working up a load using Alliant Power Pro Varmint at ~3130fps. From talking with Steve at hammer he had had similar results with ramshot TAC (I don’t have any/haven’t found it locally).

update: my velocities are out of a Winchester m70 ftw with a factory 22in barrel.

With CFE 223 and the 152gr Hammer Hunters I was getting about 2820 FPS with my 20 barrel and Lapua cases.

With Shooters World Precision, I am getting 2815 FPS. Temp stable. At my sea level elevation it falls below 1800 FPS (Hammer recommendation) at 525 yards. Wind is the biggest issue with these. The 215 has 2.9 MOA vs 4.5 MOA of the 152. Not too bad at 525, but add another 100 yards and wind call excellence must be spot on.

The CFE was definitely top end so not preferred in the heat of summer months here.


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Dec 25, 2014
Sandy, UT
When I first started loading for the 308, my Speer manual listed 748 best for the 150s and 760 for the 165s. It worked swell too. I personally settled on 760/165 NBT (back when they were pretty soft, the 165 had less lead up front and worked just fine at 308 speeds) shot an Axis buck at 230 long steps, Partition-Like pass through both shoulders.


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