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  • Could you give me a call at 812-583-2003 I would like to purchase your pistol.
    Thanks Jack Woods
    I am heading out of town Friday for a week but I will give you the short story on my Borden. It's a .300 WSM Alpine package. The gun is stainless with a black stock. It is NOT fluted however it does have a muzzle break. Shoots great. Most of my hunting is for whitetail and it's more than what I require. I had rounds worked up by Premier Accuracy in PA. I would let it go for $3,500 plus the ammo designed for it at $3. Per round. I think I have a 100 or so rounds. Let me know if your still interested and I will send pics. I am building a house so the rifle is in storage or I would send the pics now. Thanks, Mike
    These are factory firsts, unopened.
    I looked at Cabelas this morning and they were 32.99 + shipping. I figured this was at least close to breaking even. I would go $85 shipped.
    I can do paypal or money order.

    I bought them while on deployment and then went a different direction on rifles.
    I have a ptg 338 edge go gauge from my build I'll loan you if you'd like. PM me your info and I could mail it monday. Just send it back when you're done. I did a McGowen 31" barrel and savage action. Shot amazing.
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