Berger 215gr Hybrid - G7 BC


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Oct 1, 2013
Yellowknife, NT Canada
Good Afternoon. I'm sure this has been discussed somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. Is the published G7 BC of .356 accurate? I've heard that Bryan Litz was one of the driving forces behind the build of this bullet, and he's associated with Berger, so I assume that the published BC has been tested as per his database procedure in Applied Ballistics. Can anyone verify? Thanks.
Here is how it went for me in my 300 win when I changed from 210's to the 215's. I backed off the charge 3 gr. Same powder lot. I seated them -.040" off the lands just like the 210's were. I shot 1 ea going up 1 gr at a time until I was under the 210 charge by 1 gr and had already seen an increase of 35 to 50 fps over the 210's.

I then loaded 6 and shot two groups letting the rifle fully cool in between. I was shooting prone off the bipod while laying on two week old broken ribs from a little rodeo I lost on a horse. It was literally bringing tears to my eyes. The first group tore a ragged hole. The second had two in one hole and one out just to the side about 1/8th inch.

I called it good enough. I plugged the Velocity data from my Oehler 35 into my program and entered the .356 G7 BC off the Berger box. I went straight to my steel gong at 1007 yards. Put two dead nutz for elevation 2 1/2" apart. Went to a 700 yard target and nailed it. Spun around to a 1 moa rock at 1465 yards and sent one. Just when I figured it was a miss with no visible impact there went a dust ball off center of the rock.

I did a little more testing at different yardages over the next few weeks and then went hunting. The rifle then took 19 consecutive big game animals from an elk at 200 yards to an antelope at 1285 yards all one shot kills. 20 if you count the Coyote at 700 plus with a dead center hit.

So I will say I am pretty confident when I tell you to start with the Berger advertised BC off the box.

Some rifles / barrels will induce a small change in BC depending on the twist and grove count. That's my theory anyway. So some very fine tuning might be in order, but I doubt you will need to do much.

I don't know if you have noticed or not but the 215 Berger Terminal reports from others on this forum are rolling in. So far all I have read are praise. At this time I don't know of a better long range hunting bullet for a 300 win. If I did I would be using it.

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Thanks for the detailed reply Jeff. I figured it was accurate as the 215 is not listed in Bryan's 2nd edition, and prob would be if it was off the published numbers.

Yes, I have been reading the reports, and when added to yours, sounds like an ideal bullet. Sounds like the hollow portion of the hybrids was engineered to get an extremely long bullet without the additional weight. Kind of funny that the unintended consequence is low velocity expansion in game.
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