Berger 135gr MEF , WOW!!!

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    Got the chance to do a bit of load work today for the latest toy , Savage 112 with 28" Rock Creek barrel chambered for 30-06. Decided to shoot some light varmint bullets to see what type of results I could get.
    I believe that this rig likes the light pills pushed real hard the best of any loads tested. Best load ended up being 67grs of N 550 and a Molyed 135gr Berger MEF, velocity
    averaged 3555 fps with a SD of only 11 fps and 200yd groups all ran around 5/8" for 5 shots. Their were no signs of pressure with this load but was told that it was probably above max listed by VihtaVuori.

    Anyway , does anybody know of a deciently well constructed bullet in the 125gr class for the 30 cals? , I was planning to use a 175gr SMK but if I could find a little stronger bullet that was lighter then I'd use that.