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  • BMF: I like the fit and finish of the muscle brake. They seem to get great reviews! I was looking for a side port and not a radial brake. I have one on my ultra mag and tired of eating snow and debris off of a hay bail. I went with a round to be milled down to my barrel profile at .90. We will see when I get it back this month!
    They work pretty darn good but I don't like how fat they are. I had Trevor design a break that has the same port angles cut as the muscle break but can be contoured to flush on a #3 bbl. So far I love it. Will probably eventually replace both my muscle breaks with trev's design
    Going great. Still trying to find that perfect load. My next test loads are 50.1 gr H4350 and 54.2 gr of H4831. Got to get it settled soon because im leaving for WY Oct. 18, for some mullies.

    Anyway, your probably ready to get that weapon, and start shooting some extended rages.
    Yep, still H4350 with the VLD 's. Even if i could get the hybrids i would probably still use the VLD,s just because in the medium to smaller calibers they ( the hybrids) havn't been completely proven on big game yet......from what im reading.
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