Barrett 95

didn't it come with a bi-pod?.I like the m95 sorta i want one to make a .577 t-rex build .How much did ya pay for it?.Also i cant stand rest. I like "A" bi-pod gives you more ability to move find a comfort zone
Your Barrett should have came with a M-60 style bipod. Its a great bipod. If it for some reason doesn't have one on it contact Barrett and get one. Oh and don't forget to ask them for the Bipod bushing for it. Not the one for the receiver, but the flat rubber pad that go's between the bipod and the receiver. This PAD keeps the gun from pivoting from side to side. If you need anything look me up I'm really in to Barrett firearms and I've been in the firearms bussiness for 16 years and I'm an NRA Instructor. Good luck my friend. Blacksheep1......
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