416 barrett questions


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Feb 5, 2010
#1. does it really need a baffle muzzlbrake 25 lb gun fires a 400 grain projectile @ 3300 fps makes 52 ft lbs of free recoil with 11 recoiling fps .couldnt a ported cylindrical muzzle braake be suffiecnt ?

#2 . does the special or black ops acutally use the 416 m99? i noticed it like every week someone designing a new calkiber they think the army or special ops should use :rolleyes:.

#.3 how does it compare againt the 460 steyr which fires a 525 grain alloyed vld @ 3100/3300 fps ? or the 408 cheytac ?

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[SIZE=+1]*The 460 Steyr was designed by Horst Grillmayer (Austria) in 2002, and the projectiles were designed by Guido Wasser (Switzerland) with first production cases made from 50 BMG[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]by Igman Zavod (Yugoslavia).[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]The rifle & cartridge was put into production by Steyr Mannlicher in [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1](approximately) 2004.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]The 460 Steyr was a way to offer an ultra-long range, sporting/sniper rifle [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]and cartridge that would not break the laws of many European countries, [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]which forbade the general public from using a 50 BMG cartridge:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1](BMG = Browning Machine Gun). [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]As with the .416 Barrett cartridge [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1](which is used in the U.S. Military [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]and by private citizens in the USA), [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]the 460 Steyr cartridge was developed by shortening and necking down the[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1].50 BMG case; however, the 460 [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Steyr is longer and necked down to[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]458 caliber verses the .416 caliber for[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]the 416 Barrett.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]The Steyr head stamp cartridge has[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]not yet been imported or currently available in the United States by [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Steyr for the general public; however, [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]we have some custom made 460 [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Steyr cartridges available, made from new Winchester 50 caliber BMG [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]brass and loaded with a 525 grain, [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]solid, "special" alloy projectile, turned[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]on a CNC machine tool machine (Computer Numerical Controlled).[/SIZE]
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460 Steyr made from New 50 Caliber Brass
460 Steyr
above & right
[SIZE=+2]Steyr HS .460 [/SIZE]
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#.4 who here shoots @ 2500 yards or has a scope fitted to that range
#.5 also isnt the 416 extreme overbore how does this affect long term accuracy + i hear you have to wait 15 mintues intbetween shoots because it has a noodle barrel that heats up pretty quick ^ didnt mean for that much to cope woops =^_^=
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Mar 11, 2010
I do not know about the styer But if I was informed rite Barret designed the 416 to combat COMMUNIST California on the 50BMG ban. The ban calls for only the Military 50 cal. rifles to be banned. So Barret being a real cool guy informed the COMMUNIST California politicians that do to the ban he was not going to service any of the Barrett 50 cal rifles that they had purchased from him and the 416 Barrett was born. NOT A MILITARY Cal. . BUt faster flatter and more knock down power than the 50BMG. That is the story that I have been told and I hope it is true since I live in COMMUNIST California it is nice to see some peaple that like to slap the politicians when they can. I am saving up for the 416 to support Barrett. O by the way I already own a 50BMG got it just before the ban NENER NENER to the COMMUNISTS in our country.

J E Custom

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Jul 29, 2004
I went through the same pain and decided on the 50 BMG because the 416 Barrett was so
expensive to feed and the brass ,dies, and bullets were proprietary and little or no
loading information was available.

The Steyr was also very diffacult and expensive to put together all of the components.

The main reason I chose the 50BMG was the availability of dies,reamers, brass,Load data,
and loaded ammo at less than half the price of the 416 and others.

With the availability of armor piercing,incendiary,full metal jacket and tracer ammo it is also
fun and I can buy some great bullets with a BC above 1 (I.054, 1.070. 1.o95 and bore tech
makes a 792gr that has a BC of 1.124).

I can load the 50BMG for $3.70 each and buy it for $3.34 each (I can buy it for less than I
can load it) the 416 on the other will cost $5.06 per round if you can find it .

Also the 416 produces 9517 ft/lbs energy and the 50BMG produces 13,194 with Hornady
A max ammo and the ball is supposed to be over 14,000ft/lbs, so the 416 does not have the knock down power of the 50 BMG.

Barret built the 416 because of California and there band on 50's.

I like the 416 calibre but It was just to much trouble and expense for me, Besides I guess I
just like the big 50.



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