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  • You mentioned if anyone had a system for accurately measuring recoil force for testing muzzle brakes. I can build a test fixture for measuring recoil that approximates the motion and weight of the human body. The system will measure in real time the force exerted by the gun on the shoulder of the shooter. Measuring the force over time is a better measurement than peak force when evaluating brakes. A sharp force at the same peak will feel different than a broad force at the same peak.

    I am an engineer that has spent some time in the aerospace industry working on small combat systems and have taken early retirement to develop some of my own ideas into products.

    If interested I can be reached at 763-498-3685.

    How is Belgrade? I lived in Bozeman in the mid-80's and went back for the first time in a while a few years back and man what a change. A great town changed into something that was hard to recognize.

    wade brown
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