Bag Limits on farm in Mississippi


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Nov 13, 2009
Does anyone have a idea of what might need to be implimented for a per person bag limit? Right now i have two bucks and two does. Does that sound good as a good start. We seem to have pretty good quality now. Any ideas?
Too many variables to venture a guess. How many acres/hunters, deer numbers, buck/doe ratio, what are your neighbors doing as far as management?
1100 acres, people around are doing about same, pretty good situation. 5 of us that hunt, really 3 that really hunt. Try to only shoot 17-18 in minimum, take one doe per buck shot as minimum. Been letting most walk for 5 years, good quality animals now. Got one guy, friend that has never seen a large buck and seems to alway, each year shoot a 13in buck thinking its huge, if it isnt 21 inches i dont even shoot....
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